10 beauty hacks for over 30s

I have to say, I love the way people are embracing getting older. I feel as though birthdays which took people, women particularly, out of their “prime” twenties were historically approached with hesitation, or sometimes even angst. It seems though, maybe it is just my perception (?!), but I honestly feel as though humans are embracing these ‘older’ years more graciously, maybe because we as a whole understand the gift of life, and of growing old with our loved ones. That said, though, its never easy for us gals to see those grey hairs sprouting, or have another wrinkle appear on our forehead!! Thankfully I believe there are many beauty tips and tricks us more mature lasses 😉 can invest in to try stay clear of invasive surgeries or extreme measures in anti-aging, because for me, as much I want to grow old graciously, I also want to look after this God-given body to my best ability, and if that comes with a few extra years of supple skin and glowing hair, then I want in! How about you?

It’s no secret that I love testing, trying and reviewing beauty products, treatments and sharing those I love with you guys. I am so fortunate to discover and uncover the value in new products and treatments, and share what I find has worked well for me. I’ve been asked to put together a list of those I love the most – so here you have it:

My 10 beauty hacks for over 30s: 
The first 4 points centre around inner beauty – no matter what you do, if your insides are not healthy and happy your skin, hair and nails will never glow, no matter how much illuminator you apply !! 😉

1. Hydration. Drinking water is something we allll knowwwwww. But I just cannot write a list of top 10 beauty essentials without mentioning the vital importance of staying hydrated. Water makes up 60% of your body, and it simply will not function correctly without being properly hydrated. Not only does it help rid your body of waste, protect sensitive tissues and keep your cells healthy (ie; your skin too!), but without enough water you’re body works overtime to perform those and more bodily functions, causing you to feel tired and sluggish – ain’t no one gonna glow when you are tired! So drink that 2l per day, girls! Your insides will thank you by making your outsides glow! Plus, us 30+’s love a glass of vino or G&T – thus making the need for H20 to flush out toxins and help our livers all the more essential.
– FYI: Since the drought issues we experienced in Ballito we only drink spring/bottled water because we have heard our water quality has dropped substantially, we plan on installing a filter.

2. Hydrolyzed Collagen. Yes, I am 100% a believer that this is a supplement all humans (men & women) over the age of 30 should be taking. While there have been no long-term  studies on large groups of people, doctors all across the world are prescribing it for patients struggling joint pains, faster healing post surgery and arthritis. According to healthline.com, “your skin is made up of collagen proteins, so it makes sense that collagen supplements can heal it.” The site also speaks of a “2014 study reports that taking Viscoderm supplements, which contain hydrolyzed collagen, twice a day can repair sun damage, improve sebum and hydration levels, and tone the skin. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved the use of hydrolyzed collagen implants to smooth wrinkles and fix acne scars.” I have done tons of research into the presence, and then decline of collagen in the human body, and the link to ageing, wrinkles and saggy skin, and I am a firm believer in the science behind taking it as a supplement, just as one takes Omegas and Iron should your body not be storing enough. I do want to encourage you to do your own research and carefully select the brand of Collagen you consume. It is still a heavily unregulated market, and many collagen products are making their way onto shelves across the world without having to state the origin, contents or important details on pack. One of my favourite and most neutral tasting collagen products I have tried is The Harvest Table Range. You can get 10% off using code SHAN10 http://www.harvesttable.co.za

3. No doubt there are so many vitamins on the market, and you only need to walk into a health shop to become very aware of all the nutrients your body is lacking and what you should be taking! I have never been very good at remembering to take my vitamins, and have tons of 1/2 empty bottles because I just didn’t feel very different or notice any changes from the vitamins I was swallowing. That was until I tried the JS Health Vitamins, which VitaGirlSA gifted me to review. I had heard the hype around the products, and was very excited to try them for myself. I took the Detox + Debloat and Sugar Balance + Metabolism vitamins for 30 days, and I was pleasantly impressed with them. I definitely noticed an improvement in my gut health and was less bloated, and I had fewer sugar cravings. I also lost weight on these vitamins (though it was not my goal). I have now tried the Hair + Energy vitamins for 60 days and I am utterly blown away by these babies. So are hair stylist and my lash artist! They both cannot believe the growth of my hair and lashes. My lashes are fuller, stronger and even my lower lashes have grown noticeably. I have found that putting my vitamins next to my sink where I brush my teeth helps me remember to take them – so that works for me! Making sure your insides are healthy is super important for inner beauty – so make sure you find vitamins that work for you. 

4 . You ARE what you EAT.
Nurturing your body obviously extends into what you consume – the fuel you give your body to work is of utmost importance when it comes to inner beauty. It could not be more true that your body is a temple and should be looked after as such. The food you consume becomes part of you – it is absorbed into you – so be conscious of what you put in your mouth and love yourself enough to eat wholesome, healthy food. We were recently sent 21 days worth of meals by FitChef and I can tell you that if you are wanting to eat delicious, wholesome meals but don’t have the time to cook them, look no further! They they are the solution to “convenient nutrition” – and I couldn’t agree more. We are well impressed! From smoothies & juices to tasty dinners, these pre frozen meals are brilliant for anyone who is time-strapped or doesn’t enjoy cooking! Some of the meals are less enjoyable than others, but all were tasty and the fact that you are putting healthy & nutritious meals into your body, AND that you don’t have to cook them, gets a huge thumbs up from me!
Some of our meals can be found here: OUR FITCHEF 21DAY experience

Whether you buy ready-made meals or are amazing at cooking dinner yourself, just ensure you are feeding your body the right food. Veggies and fruits are vital for healthy bodies and minds. Portion control is important for ensuring you don’t over-eat. Starving yourself will only make you look older than you are, so eat well, and choose healthy options! Love your body!

5. We go through a lot to make ourselves look and feel beautiful, but sometimes forget that our hair is our crowning glory. I don’t know about you, but bad hair days can make me feel decidedly more insecure, and the opposite is also true for good hair days! One of the best things I did this year so far was to invest in a blow-dry package from Carlton Hair Ballito. They honestly take the best care of my tresses, and the MicroKeratin treatment they offer has kept my blonde hair in it’s best possible condition.

Home care is as important, and it is wonderful if you can afford salon/professional products, but sometimes we need to compromise in places, and so I thought I would share some drug-store home-care brands I am enjoying; the Marc Anthony Grow Long, which you can read more about on my review here, is something I will definitely repurchase, and I am also enjoying the Carol’s Daughter range I was gifted a few weeks back. Both are very nourishing, and leave my hair feeling soft, healthy and strong.

IMG_5877 2
6. “Never fully dressed without a smile.” It goes without saying that your smile, your genuine and joyful smile, is what makes any human beautiful. It does help if that smile is full of pearly-white teeth ;), and so hack #6 has to be whitening your teeth. I shared my experience with Family Dental Care Group, who took my teeth that I thought were pretty white before, to pure white perfection!!
See the difference here:

If you would like your teeth professionally whitened by Family Dental Care group then give them discount code SHANFOURIE for a massive 15% off!

It took a while to get my home-care kit and in the interim I was asked to trial and review the iWhite range of whitening productsiwhite
I was sent the toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and pre-filled trays. I have to say I am more than impressed with these products as far as home care kits go. The toothpaste is effective and has a nice flavour. My hubby didn’t enjoy the after taste, and while I find it 100% fine I would recommend doing a second brush with a toothpaste you enjoy should you have the same issue. I find the mouthwash to be great! I love using it and do so after coffees and before meetings, just as I am heading out the door! Lastly, and most especially I LOVE the ease of use of the disposable whitening trays. They are super simple and easy to use, which makes the frequency of use more practical for busy ladies everywhere. They fit perfectly on my mouth, and I noticed a whitening after each use. Daily coffee intake is set to discolour my professionally whitened teeth daily, and so I highly recommend a stay at home care kit, whether you have had your teeth professionally whitened or not!

7. Glowing Skin is hack #7, and seven happens to be my lucky number. I don’t think that is a coincidence! Glowing skin is something everyone is after, and I longed for for years… and now that I see the journey my skin has taken I honestly think it is achievable for everyone if you follow a consistent skin routine that is tailored to your skin’s needs, and for that I recommend you ask a skin therapist you trust, (mine is Adele from Dermal Aesthetics Ballito). For those ladies with skin similar to mine this is what I use and have been doing with my skin:
I have been testing the Optiphi Active Gel and the Complexion Control, which I have been enjoying THOUROUGHLY! I am so sad that they are nearly finished! If you struggle with pigmentation and ageing skin around my eyes I highly recommend those two products as they have targeted both of those concerns of mine beautifully.
Prior to trialling these products these are the products I was using on my skin, and most certainly will revery back to once I complete my review of my next skin care brand: NUXE.
– Vitamin C – Lamelle Correctives Vita-C 30
– Exfoliator – The Body Shop Vit C liquid peel
– Masks – The Body Shop Nicaraguan Coffee, Kiehls Cilantro & Orange AntiPollution Masque are two of my favourites
Retinol – I am currently using the Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum, 60 capsules
– On days I feel my skin needs a break from actives I use the Lamelle Hyaluronic Acid Serum, available from Dermal Aesthetics or on Dermastore
and then I will finish with Lamelle Serra for added hydration.
I also say 6weekly facials with a peel are vital for healthy, youthful & glowing skin.

8. I have to add that I believe that the HIFU has helped me and my skin’s youthfulness and texture more than I could have hoped. I have a full video review on my IGTV here, but in a nutshell: The HIFU treatment is also known as Ultherapy, which is a laser treatment which sends waves to your deeper tissue to cause trauma and then neocollagenisis and therefore soft tissue tightening. The scar or collagen contracts and the face is lifted and skin is tightened. I had this treatment done on the 12 March – 4.5 months ago. The last time I had botox was 28 Jan and I am so happy with my skin and not feeling as though I need botox every 3 months (which is how I felt prior to the HIFU!!) which just goes to show how much it has pulled & tightened my skin.
You can get 10% off your HIFU treatment at Dermal Aesthetics Ballito by quoting SHANFOURIE, and the treatment is super affordable at only R1000.

9. Once you are using the right skin products and your skin has repaired it’s barrier and is looking and feeling healthy again, you can start repairing damage like pigmentation and broken capillaries through advances in Laser machine technology. Dermal Aesthetics Ballito offers a very affordable eLight Laser Therapy. I have been targeting my red tone & broken capillaries first, and will do my pigmentation next. I have already noticed an incredible improvement around my nostrils and on my forehead. I honestly can’t wait to do pigmentation. It looks darker now that the red tone has been lifted off my skin. I will share my final results with you soon.

10. Making time for yourself has got to be the number 1 hack when it comes to inner & outer beauty as a 30+ year old! We know the saying all too well, ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup”, and refilling that cup in whichever way works for you is imperative for people of any age, but most especially those over 30s! We really are in the thick of it at this age. In most cases us over-30-year-olds are, if parents, are parents of young kiddies and babies – (queue the sleepless nights & financial stresses :), who are hustling hard because it just so happens that our careers decide to take off while we are pouring every waking moment into trying to be the best wives & moms we possibly can… and we are pretty much exhausted all the damn time!! Or maybe we are SAHMs who feel like we never get a moment to pee in peace and a grocery shop with make up on is like a holiday. Either way us over 30s are shattered, and it is so important that we put time and energy into refilling our cups. Essential Oils have played a big part in this for me, as diffusing some of my favourite scents really help calm me. Lavender and Cedarwood have been my favourite combination and diffusing them has helped ground and relax me. Playing music is also something that helps me hugely, and of course a little facial or massage every so often go down a treat. One of my best friends finds that being in nature is what refuels her. Find what works for you, and do more of that.

If you are interested in Essential Oils you can contact Marijke here.

When I was sick they helped me so much too, as I made myself some immunity bombs with the gel capsules, Purification, Lemon & Thieves and it helped me SO much! Was the only “medicine” I took when I got flu a week ago. IMG_0853

And that is a wrap of my top 10 beauty hacks for over 30s.
OMG just realised I am 34 in a couple months eeeeeeek! Can’t believe that top pic was taken nearly a year ago already!

What are your top beauty hacks? x

Author: Shan Fourie

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