A letter to my 3 year old daughter

My beautiful baby girl. You are three and whenever I allow my mind to truly sit on that fact for more than a few seconds, my heart starts to hurt a little. My baby girl is already three years old. My last born is no longer a baby, but a real-life little lady. And what a little lady you are, my girl. A little fairy to be more precise. A little fairy-angel-child who runs around on her tippy toes, bringing life and joy and peace with you wherever you wander, thanks to your little smile and that cheeky glint in your eye. You are as much a little lady as you are a little tom-boy. A true contradiction. As much as you adore wearing a tutu and prancing around the living room doing ‘ballet’, you also have just as much fun racing around on your scooter and running around the garden with your brothers.

You have the most beautiful relationship with both your brothers. The three of you play so beautifully for hours on end. Jackson is your safe space, your comfort. If you ever need a helping hand or are feeling frustrated it is him you call on. Jordy is your source of fun and laughter. The two of you have so much fun together and while you are a little more cheeky to him than we like to see from time to time, he has an abundance of grace and love for you, and we are so grateful for these beautiful relationships you share with one another, and pray they continue long into your futures.

You have your daddy wrapped around every single one of your fingers. He simply melts at the sight of you. You are naturally more like your mama, with physical touch not being very high on your list of love languages, which frustrates your daddy beyond, as all he wants to do is snuggle you constantly, and as this is just not your vibe, you quickly & firmly tell him when enough is enough. This doesn’t deter him in the least and he retries the same smothering tactics daily…

You really are my little best friend. We just seem to look at each other and know what one another are thinking. You still seem to always want your mommy, and tell me you love me a minimum of 8 times a day, just to make sure I know it. If I go out without you, without doubt you will tell me how much you missed me when I was gone. You challenge me and my resolve on a daily basis, and I know I show you tough love when you start with the crocodile tears and pushing boundaries, but just so you know, I will continue to do that… because I LOVE YOU. You are a strong little personality, my girl, with a very bright future. I promise to always pray for the wisdom to parent you in such a way that I know when to be firm & put/keep the boundaries in place, but also to never dull your uniqueness and originality, never to make you feel that there is any mould you should try fit into, but rather to continue to pull that gold out of you, my precious little fairy.

We are so proud to call you our little girl. Thank you for completing our family and brightening our lives.

We love you, Brooklyn Fay.

Pics from your 3rd Birthday:
Waking up to pressies & cake (not sure who was more excited, your brothers or you)
Birthday ring at school
Animal farm fun with your bestie Zoe who landed in hospital after a scary fall
Visits from your GodMommy Tashi
And ending at our favourite restaurant 45 on eat:

A summary of your last 3 years of life:

Pics of your second birthday party

Pics from your first birthday Cake Smash which you hated and would not even touch the cake:

Pics from your first birthday party ONEderful:

Above pics: Samantha Maber Photography

Pics from your newborn shoot with Sammy Maber

Above pics: Samantha Maber Photography

Brooke’s Third Birthday party is live HERE

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