A Mom’s Review | Peugeot 5008 SUV 7 Seater

You won’t believe how many moms I have heard say they don’t want more than two kids because they “don’t want to drive a bus” and “7 seater cars are SO much more expensive“!
Well, may I introduce you to the all new, Peugeot 5008 7 Seater SUV; a revolution for the mom-mobile market!

I was contacted by Key Pinetown and asked to please be so kind as to drive this brand new (600km on the clock!!) baby around, and let you mama’s know what I think about it… I loved it so much I kept it for 10 days πŸ™‚ And was so sad when they picked her up. I was paid for this review but all thoughts & feelings are 100% honest and my own.

So here are my thoughts about this as an SUV for moms. I will add some of the car specs at the end of the review, but I am no petrol-head, while I LOVE luxury vehicles, I don’t know my torque from my talk, so please don’t read this review looking for that ! πŸ˜‰

NOTE: I currently drive the new Toyota Fortuner, and in some areas I will use that as a point of comparison, as they are both 7seater SUVs.

I am starting with one of my favorite features of this car, seemingly unimportant, but a massive help for busy mamas:


The Peugeot 5008 SUV is keyless. Those moments of walking to the car with baby on one hip and trying to hold toddler’s hand all while miraculously finding your car key in your bag for your key are stresses of the past. As you arrive at the driver’s door the car senses your key and unlocks just as you reach for the door handle. She is so clever. And definitely a female πŸ˜‰
You do need the key in order to lock the car (unlike the Fortuner that has a button on the driver and passenger doors to lock without key in hand), but I didn’t find it too much of an inconvenience.
Yet another incredible perk of this car for moms with hands full of school bags or groceries is that the boot opens with a wave of the foot under the car, just to the right (opposite side of the exhaust pipe). Oh did my kids find this fascinating! It is such a helpful feature and one I really enjoyed. (For this feature to work you need to have the key on your person – in your bag is fine too).

The Interior:

The Interior of the Peugeot 5008 is beautiful. It is luxury and feminine and really well put together. The steering wheel is so cute and sporty. Every button and vent is quality and really well made – no cheap plastic or rushed interior design here! The fuction buttons resemble piano keys and are very simple to navigate. I found the seats extremely cofortable, but Justin found it a little tight on his very broad shoulders. I drove the entry-level model, and I believe as you spec-up the features get even more incredible.
The features in this car are enough to make any mom smile. You are able to set the mood in the vehicle through a choice of 3 fragrances to ‘play’ through the air vents – great for carrying a car full of sweaty boys after sport practice!
The GT-line also comes standard with multi-point massage seat for the driver… I MEAAAAANNNNN!!!

7 seats | SPACE:

Space is something we did not feel was lacking in the Peugeot 5008. Jackson said he felt like the Peugeot had more space than my Fortuner… I think that might just be because the seats are a little less bulky than the Fortuner seats, and maybe that gives the illusion of having more space?
For the duration of driving the Peugeot I had the configuration pictured above – one seat up and one down in the boot. Both seats up leave you with very little boot space (as with the Fortuner, but even slightly less), and we don’t need more seats that that most days. We can fit our family (5) plus Gogo and all our luggage (and Gogo’s luggage) for a weekend away, packed in the above configuration… and we did! as we took the Peugeot away to the berg with us!
The two seats in the back row are very easy to pop up or down, and they are also removable, giving you a slightly deeper boot and that extra bit of depth if you need it.

There are compartments under the feet of two of the middle row seats, making a handy storage space for storing water bottles or that passenger’s purse etc on long drives.

The window shades in the middle row of seats was extremely helpful on our long trip. Brooklyn always struggles on long trips when the sun is shining directly onto her… which means we ALL struggle on long trips #moanmoancrymoan
So this was a really helpful feature extra for an SUV. They go up and down easily and when down are barely visible, which I like.


The overall appearance of the Peugeot 5008 is sleek, feminine, and dare I say cute?! There are defintely angles of her body work that I like more than others. There are certain angles I look at the car and feel that while as a whole she was designed beautifully, there is something about the boot that I don’t love. Having said that, as far as SUVs in this price bracket (or even close to it) go, this baby is far more beautiful, in my opinion, and most especially on the inside.
The rims that come standard are some of the best I have seen, and the paint work has a beautiful and high quality sheen/pearlesque look to it which I love.

The Drive:

I absolutely LOVED the drive of the Peugeot 5008. It was smooth, so easy to drive and navigate, and I absolutely loved the ease of the gear-shift into Park, Reverse or Drive – it was smooth and seamless, and much less rugged than my dear truck I mean Fortuner!! πŸ˜‰
My favourite thing about this particular SUV was that it was incredibly easy to park. It almost feels like a car, just a bit longer, but the turning circle is brilliant, steering is very responsive and it makes for such easy parking. The only issue was that there was no rear camera, a feature that I have become very reliant on in my Fortuner, however you do have the option to ‘upgrade’ and get the rear camera in the GT-Line.

Another one of my absolute favourite features of the car was the way it integrated with my iPhone and Siri! It literally left me gobsmacked! I was in absolute AWE!
I was merely driving to fetch my kids, iPhone charging in the USB point and playing my music, when I heard a message come through. Next thing the centre console screen told me I had a new Whats App message. I tapped the touch-screen and Siri proceeded to tell me that I had a new message, who it was from, and then read it to me… flawlessly! I couldn’t believe my ears! For people who rely on their phones to work but also are in their cars a lot, this feature is literally life-saving! Siri then asked me if I wanted to reply, to which I answered “Yes”. She asked me what I wanted to say, I voiced my response and she repeated it to me, again – flawlessly! She asked if I wanted to send or change it, I said to send, and off it went! Literally did not take my eyes off the road – BRILLIANT! You can see more of this on my video tutorial HERE.

Some details on the engine

The only thing I found to be my only real quarm with this SUV was the fact that it seems very much like a car – which sounds strange because it is also what makes it wonderful in so many ways because it’s easy to drive, quiet, super easy to park, light on fuel, and all those wonderfully awesome things… BUT… I have become so used to being higher than other vehicles that I did find that being closer to the height of a car felt a little strange when I was in an “SUV”, which in fact felt like a car. Other than that this is definetly a car that I would highly recommend to any mom needing the space and convenience of a 7 seater SUV, but doesn’t want to drive a bus, and to the mom who is a lover of luxury vehicles, but doesn’t have the budget for luxury SUVs on the market.

There is a wide-spread concern about Peugeot parts and service and this is why they have launched the PEUGEOT PRIDE PROGRAM which means all new Peugeots now come with a 5 year 100,000km warranty and a 5 year 100,000km service plan. KEY Pinetown also prides themselves on their service levels. I am told that if one were to study the Kinsey report every year, which is parts and service costs report by Malcolm Kinsey, one will see “Peugeot actually fares quite well overall and in fact in the 208 segment was the cheapest in last years survey.”


I can highly recommend Matthew Holmes from KEY Pinetown, should you require any further information on the vehicle be sure to contact him:

Matthew Holmes
Director Retail Sales
Key Pinetown
101 Josiah Gumede Road,
Pinetown, 3610
t: + 27 31 717 0570
e: matthew.holmes@keygroup.co.za
w: www.joinkey.co.za

Author: Shan Fourie

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