My name is Shan (short for Shannon but don’t call me that unless I am in trouble ;). My hubby and I run a sales and marketing agency and I am a Lifestyle blogger. We live in KZN, South Africa, and are blessed with 3 beautiful children.

I believe that this life is meant to be lived with intent and purpose. If you don’t have a plan of where and more importantly who you want to be, then it is likely that you will find yourself searching for purpose and meaning. My hope is that through this little space we can share with each other, lean on one another, and feel better equipped to face some of the things that life throws at us. I always say it takes a village to raise a family, and the best part about the village is that if people share their learnings and experiences with others, then we can take what we relate to from those learnings and apply them to our own lives wherever we see fit, and potentially avoid the struggle that the person who shared may have endured to get to that ‘sweet spot’.

I do not have all the answers – far from it!! But I have learnt a lot along the way and I would like to share some of my nuggets and grow my village. My village can never be too big, if filled with the right type of person. People who make up my village are those who bring life with their words and their mere existence. Those who raise us up, rather than push us down. Those who care for our well-being and want to see us thrive and bloom. Those who leave judgment at the door, because nothing good ever came from throwing a stone.