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Don’t you find yourself drawn to baby’s soft, plump cheeks? It’s almost impossible not to smooch them!! And don’t even get me started on their little tooshies! 🍑 .

mittedly I’ve been a bit more fussy with my last-born baby and followed the movement to all things natural and organic🌱… but when we were asked to try their #johnsonstoptotoe range I sat down and did some research into baby skin.


You would think that by my third baby I would know some stuff 😜 but there were a few baby-skin facts that actually caught me by surprise. .

Baby skin is 30% thinner than adult skin and so needs extra hydration to stay healthy. Not only does baby skin have less natural moisture and is more prone to dryness, but it loses moisture up to 5 times faster than an adult’s skin. 😰 I admit that I underestimated the importance of making sure my baby girl gets the best possible hydration. I think I was too concerned about how her lotion smelt (natural and fresh) than how well it protected her skin. It’s for this reason I LOVED the Johnson’s Extra Moisturising Cream. It’s thick in consistency and her skin was practically glowing after use.

I also (am slightly embarrassed to) admit that I didn’t know that baby skin is more permeable and potentially more vulnerable to applied substances. Sure, I knew it was more sensitive, but not that is because her skin absorbs MORE than mine potentially would!! All the more reason to be so selective about what we put into our babes skin. I learnt that sometimes even natural products can be too harsh for baby’s less mature skin. In thinking about it, lemon and orange are “natural”, but can be very harsh on the skin. Ie; lemon used to lighten. I used the #nomoretears Top-To-Toe wash on both my boys, & so happy to have come back to it with baby B. It is considered to be “as mild as water” on my baby’s delicate skin, and that is something I love. I used it the other night to wash off my mascara, opened my eyes in full lather and did not feel a thing. Truly is the mildest of products!

Through this product review I’ve come to really trust Johnson’s and their 120 years of experience.


I was asked for more detail per product so you can find that here:

You can also watch my product review videos here


Baby Skin FactsJohnson’s Product ReviewJohnson’s Top-to-toe Baby Wash This product is awesome. It is as mild as water on baby’s delicate skin which I love, and the no more tears formulation is very special, leaving mom one less thing to worry about if she happens to get a little soapy water in baby’s eye! Brooklyn smelt clean and fresh for hours after using the baby wash which is awesome because even though it is so gentle, it is effective. It is very user-friendly in a pump-action bottle, although I feel if the base of the bottle were slightly wider it would make for easier one-handed use because the bottle tends to slip forwards when there is no ‘spare’ hand supporting the bottle.


Johnson’s Extra Moisturising Cream I absolutely love this product, it was definitely my favorite! It went on beautifully, smelt amazing and her skin literally goes after application.
ove that it nourishes her skin for 24hours


Johnson’s Top-to-Toe Massage Oil This oil was divine to use. It is not greasy at all and was absorbed into baby’s skin beautifully.
was radiant and well moisturized. It has a beautiful scent too.


Johnson’s Top-to-Toe Baby Massage Lotion I liked but did not love this product. It is pleasant enough in scent and texture. It is a lotion so it is ‘thinner’ than a cream, which I think will make it ideal for use in summer as will be light and fresh. It is a nice size, but I do wish it came in a pump bottle for convenience.

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