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Our precious first-born son turned seven in September and what is a birthday without a party, right?? For nearly a year Jackson has had his heart set on having his party at this awesome spot, and so he was one very happy boy that it was finally happening.

Jackson’s party was essentially a “drop ‘n go” party, and because there were only a total of 9 kiddies (including Jackson, Jordy & Brooke), we collected the kids from school on Friday afternoon and drove them through to the venue. It was at this moment that I fekt incredibly grateful that my brother had offered to come along to help – I do not know how I would have herded 8 kiddies alone. Once the boys were all dressed & ready, Justin met us at school with Brooklyn and we made our way to Umhlanga. Okay I will quit with the suspense and tell you what the awesome party venue that hosted Jackson’s party was… you guys have been very patient 🙂

We had his party at the incredible be.Up Park at Gateway.

There are a few reasons is why this venue is all kinds of awesome for a kids party, and why we highly recommend it:

The Fun:

From the moment that the kids arrive at the venue their eyes are alight with excitement and anticipation to get into the park and run wild. It truly is a kid’s heaven with a maze, slides, jump park, aerial play and clip ‘n climb walls. The party group is led by an instructor, (we had Adhil help us), and this instructor engages the group and leads them from zone to zone. A solid 90minutes of intense fun, physical excercise and loads of laughs makes for constant smiles and very happy kiddies.


As a busy, working mama, and with Jackson & Jordy’s birthdays only 2 weeks apart I found myself very short on time and so I truly appreciated the effortless and streamlined process of having Jackson’s party at be.Up Park. The booking of the party was very simple and speedy. Booking can be done through their website, and the be.Up team is very efficient on email to answer any questions you might have. Book or see party options HERE.
The party host really does take control of the first 90 minutes of the party and so Justin and I were able to enjoy the party, take pics and watch the joy on the boys’ faces, rather than stress about where they were, keeping them together or entertaining them. It also took us by surprise how much easier a party with just the kids was, without the added pressure of entertaining parents as well!
Another huge weight off my shoulders was worrying about party packs, food and drinks! This was all managed by the be.Up Park team, and because we selected Party Pack 1 this is what we got:

On top of the party packs I also arranged to pre-order popcorn and chicken burger sliders (pictured below) for the kids and adults to munch on, as and when they wanted. There is also a lovely cafe on the top level where you are able to order cappaccinos and other drinks.

The experience:

The venue is essentially an indoor fun park which is an absolute heaven for kids and adults alike. The very best part for me was watching these little guys conquer all their fears and push themselves further than they have before. There is something very special when a group of kids get together. They watch one another and decide that they too would like to try reach the top of the climbing wall or master the one handed cartwheel or attempt a backflip! Every one of the boys at the party did things that made them nervous or scared, and broke their own mindset-barriers, and surprised themselves many times. I basically walked around hi-fiving and hugging boys as they achieved great things! It was special.

the private party room:

The last half hour of the party is set aside for party boxes and birthday cake. By this time it was evident that the kids were starving and very ready to down their slushies and food in their Party Boxes. We all gathered around the gorgoues Monster cake (by Decor and Delights) and sang to our boy in a private and intimate setting, which was very special for us and our boy. It was the perfect way to end his celebrations, and honestly just a perfect party.

All in all the experience of having Jackson’s seventh birthday party at be.Up park Gateway was absolutley incredible. Every staff member we engaged with was friendly and helful, and they all cheered the kids on with us, encouraging them to push their limits and have the most fun. The facility is clean and really is one of the best indoor play areas I have ever seen!
Justin and I had an absolute ball on the trampolines and absolutely cannot wait to go back just with the boys to enjoy it more with them.

We chose the be.Full Party (weekend) :
R3200.00 for the first 10 kidsOnly for kids over 120cm
Minimum 10 guests
2 Hours of Fun including:
– 90 minutes Play Time: 60 minutes General access
(Tramps + AltiGame + Kids Maze) + 30 minutes Climbing
– Followed by 30 minutes Private Party room (the players can not eat before or during the play time)
– 1 X 330ml water per person
– 1 X be.UP Snack box p/p: Classic with 250ml cup Frozen Slush Drink or Healthy with 250ml LiquiFruit
– 1 X be.UP Park grip socks
– 1 X be.UP FREE PASS for the Party Star’s next visit
– 1 friendly Party host

See more HERE

A special thank you to be.Up Park for hosting Jackson’s birthday party. It truly was incredible.
We paid for party packs, popcorn and chicken sliders.

Balloons were supplied and sponsored by Yolo Party Shop

More pics of the venue:


Gateway Theatre of Shopping – Umhlanga Ridge
2nd Floor (New food court area) – Shop E-064
Tel: 087 057 1400 –
Our trading hours do occasionally change depending on the time of year or school and public holidays.
Mon-Thur 11:00AM-7:00PM
Fri-Sat 9:00AM-10:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM-7:00PM

More pics of the party

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