Brooklyn’s Winter Wonderland 5th party

This year there was no getting away from it. Brooklyn’s mind was made up on the party she wanted… and she wanted FROZEN. Believe me when I say I tried to convince her otherwise (Yes I knowww it’s herrrr party and she must have what she wants…) but I am not a big fan of throwing ‘commercial’ parties so for me Frozen was not high on my list of themes that excited me…

Queue the help of the marvellous Chelsea from POSH Events By Design. I told Chels of Brooke’s wishes and asked her to help me make it more “Winter Wonderland” than the typical Frozen style party. Well, once again Chelsea blew it out of the park with her planning, set up and design. All this with 3 weeks notice of the party. I cannot speak highly enough of this woman. Chels will go above and beyond any expectations, all with her calm, professional demeanour and massive, beautiful smile. I’ll let the pics do the talking;

Some of the above decor print outs were leant to me by a special friend who also made the skirts for me and the birthday girl:

The beautiful balloons were supplied by the very talented Taryn from Mad Hatters in Ballito. She works her magic all over Durban so no matter what your event, make sure you contact her for balloon magic!

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The beautiful Winter Wonderland biscuits were done by Lynell from Made with LOVE and they were beautiful

Party Fun

We had loads of fun activities for the kids including Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues, Frozen tattoos, Ice cream decorating and then swimming



*I wouldn’t suggest these games for this age group – there were tears involved – luckily I had back-up prizes


Of course riding Sven is all part of the Frozen fun – and as a surprise for Brooke we arranged for Mini Horse Hire to bring their two beauties for little rides around the garden. Brooke’s face says it alllllllll



It really was such a fun afternoon in Feb for our little princess.. no one wanted to leave the party, as you can see

Contact Chelsea from POSH EVENTS

+27 82 322 9087

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