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According to a study into the psychology of hair color, “Blonde is actually seen as the most covetable hair color among women, since it’s rare but not quite as polarizing as red. And yes, it’s true: Blondes really do have more fun (or are at least seen that way, anyway). Research shows that those with light hair are perceived as more bubbly and open—and sometimes needy. ”
Source: Byrdie

I have been just about every hair color you can imagine, and I can say without a doubt that I have definitely enjoyed being blonde the MOST! Interestingly, article on Psychology Today shares how in a study conducted by Nicolas Guéguen from a university in France, while brunettes were more commonly rated (by men) to be more intelligent than blondes, blondes were found to be more approachable.
That’s okay with me, come have a chat and then you can decide whether I am a “dumb blonde” or a woman of substance ;)–  at least you are more likely to give me the time of day!

Seriously though, as I say, I love being blonde, and especially PLATINUM! But being a blondie is not easy work! The bleaching and processing of your hair can be devastating to the condition, and no matter what hair color you are, damaged hair is not pretty hair.

I was recently asked to try the John Frieda Sheer Blonde range, and I’m excited to share with fellow blondies out there – this range is a winner!
I will give a more detailed review of my experience later on in the post, but in summary:
the Sheer Blonde range left my hair feeling healthy, looking radiant, and smelling amazing. But more than this I love how it conditioned my hair while still giving my locks the volume I struggle to find out of hair products that give adequate conditioning! It is rare to find products that are beautiful conditioners without making your hair heavy and flat… and its for this reason I am most happy that I have found this range.

The John Frieda Sheer Blonde range is non-color depositing, so it is safe to use on natural or color-treated hair and for use on highlights and lowlights. It is especially formulated to restore a healthy look and feel to distressed blonde hair, and I can assure you that it did that for me! I started using the products shortly after having my color re-done, and my hair was feeling fragile. Using the products has definitely helped the condition, appearance and vibrancy of my hair.

What the range includes:

RSP: R115.95 – Clicks
The shampoo was lovely to use. I always shampoo twice and I love the lather this product work up. My hair felt well-cleansed.
— I can’t stand any yellow tones in my hair so I always add a shampoo with a purple shampoo, which I did use throughout trialling these products too.


RSP: R115.95 – Clicks
A lovely conditioner which leaves the hair feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing. I used this once on its own, and a couple times alongside the mask, and truly it was hard to tell when I hadn’t used the masque as my hair was equally as silky after both.


RSP: R115.95 – Clicks
Absolutely love this deep conditioning mask. I left it on while shaving my legs so as to try leave it on for the recommended 3-5minutes. It washes out beautifully (no greasy residue) and appeared to dramatically repair my hair’s texture.


RSP: R149 – Clicks
This oil claims to mend and revive overprocessed blonde, and it really convinced me! I loved applying it to wet hair, as I felt it helped bring more moisture and silk to my hair. It was also great to use when my hair was dry to the ends as it helped them look more healthy.  It was also non greasy but hugely conditioning which I loved!


So yes! Blondies, I definitely recommend you give these products a try. Please let me know if you do, I would love to hear what you think and if you love them as much as I do!!


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Disclosure: I was provided with the John Frieda products free of charge in return for my honest review of the products

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  1. Yes of course we do!! Blondes definitely have a lot of fun. But I am totally biased as a fellow blondie myself. Would love to win this range. Need to give my blonde locks some more care.

  2. We most definitely do!!!! Very excited to try this out my love ! Your hair looks stunning xxxx

  3. Your hair looks amazing. #hairgoals..I’ve used this brand before and loved its smell and the results.. i have to try this new line…fingers crossed i win😍 #blondesalwayshavemorefun

    Keep up the stunning blogs..

  4. I have always been a blonde but when my hair grew back after chemo it was pitch black! I couldn’t wait to start the process of getting back to blonde, so thrilled with my light locks now. Blondes definitely light up the room 🙂

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