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Hi lovelies!
It has been a good long while since my last “Flavour of the month” post!
I am so sorry about that! I am super excited to share this lot with you though! Hope you enjoy, let me know if you try any of them and what you think…


Starting with the most important: Skin care. Because it doesn’t matter what you put on your face to pretty it up, if the base coat (your skin) is not clear and glowing, well then nothing will look all that good, will it?!
I have really been struggling with bad skin lately, and it seriously got me down last month. I just didn’t know what to do anymore, my self confidence took a huge knock, and nothing I was doing was helping. I had heard a lot about the new Eucerin range and I figured I should give it a try.
I have been so pleasantly surprised by this range, I honestly feel so happy that I found it.

1. Eucerin: The Skin Renewal Treatment:
This is my go-to night-time treatment for skin that is flaring up. I have had particularly bad break outs around my jaw-line and at the top of my neck. Big nasty ones with no head they just sit under the skin. Awful. I have found that applying this treatment at night has considerably reduced the flare ups, and I can actually feel it tingling a little, which makes me believe it’s zapping them 😉 It is a thick cream-type treatment, yellow-ish in colour, but not noticeable once applied to the skin. I only apply to problem areas at night, or early evening if I feel my skin is flaring up or irritable. It settles and calms my skin almost immediately.
2. Eucerin: Active Concentrate: 
This is a concentrate which claims to improve the skin’s complexion, clarifies the skin, as well as helps to prevent further blemishes. I love using this in the morning after my moisturiser and before my primer/foundation. I have noticed a noticeable improvement in my skin’s scarring / dark spots that were so prevalent before using this. I can’t confirm whether that is mainly attributed to this product or the next one listed. But I like the fact that I can apply something in the morning as protection against any further breakouts, so this is a win for me! It is light in texture, and after being gently massaged into the skin, is barely noticeable as is quickly absorbed.
3. Eucerin: Even Brighter Concentrate: 
These little ampules are tiny pockets of heaven on my skin. I apply morning and night and I truly have seen such improvement in my dark spots and scarring which were previously really awful on my skin. Below: Before and after to show you how much improvement I have seen: (excuse the no make up selfies!! So embarrassing but have to show you the change in my skin!! INCREDIBLE). Available from Dischem.


Guys – can you also notice an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin from Before to After pics? That is all in 30 days!! And takes me on to my next product:

The theory behind this revolutionary anti–aging night cream is that unlike other night creams which your skin gets used to over time, this cream becomes more effective as the results are heightened with continued use.
There is research showing that the Avon Anew Reversalist Night Cream has shown results are continually effective, even after a year of use.

I was given this Avon Anew Reversalist night cream and asked to review it. Whilst using it I enjoyed the novelty of switching between the two creams, and I loved the texture (particularly of cream 2), on my skin. I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin’s dark spots, blemishes and outbreak. I have also been so impressed by the change in texture of my skin. 30 days ago my skin felt like it wasn’t my own. I hated touching it, as it depressed me. I didn’t recognise myself, by look or feel. 30 days later I have noticed my skin is supple, more radiant, and the oil balance has been restored. I am so happy!
With regards to improvement in fine lines and wrinkles; I don’t believe I have seen any radical transformation, but I think it would be crazy to expect that after just 30 days. Also, I had just come out of my most stressful time of moving house. losing our nanny and crazy work loads before this, so I was (am) looking aged. Having said all that, though… looking at the before and after pics above… I do see a massive improvement in overall appearance, namely the radiance.
What I have loved most about using this night cream, is that when waking the next morning my skin still feels amazing. It feels supple, soft, never dry. It is like it has been protected and nourished all night long. Really love that.
To read a little more about this product read this post; I have given a slightly more detailed review here. Available from your Avon Rep.


I was given the L’oreal Pure Clay ‘Bright Mask’ by a friend last month, and I loved it so much that I ran out to get 3 more variants in this range. To say I am impressed is an understatement. This ‘Bright Mask’ contains 3 clays as well as lemon extract, which is known to even-out skin tone . The yellow clay mask has a creamy texture, with small particles acting as tiny exfoliators. The mask cleanses deep into the pores to absorb oil and remove dead skin cells without drying skin out. I am left with skin that feels fresh and clean. Love it.

The L’oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask is one of my faves so far. It is enriched with Red Algae extract, which is known for its brightening properties. The texture is also slightly granular as it contains milled apricot seeds which gently exfoliate dull, uneven skin to reveal your natural glow. It is a lovely exfoliator which brightens my skin and definitely leaves it glowing. Available at Dischem.


One of my all-time favourite products, and one I am likely to use until the day I die, is Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. Before our last move my hubby borrowed my 8Hour cream and misplaced it… I think I begged him every night leading up to Mother’s Day to please get me another, and he did – for Mother’s Day 🙂
I absolutely love this product. I put it on my lips as a night treatment, and put it gently around my eye area and in places I am in need of a little extra TLC, and I just can’t get enough of it’s thick, nurturing texture. I also love it’s smell 🙂


My two fave make up items at the moment are these babies.
1. Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation:
Okay, so you saw how spotty and awful my skin was looking. I needed help to hide it! I ordered this foundation which I had seen a couple bloggers talking about, (with a 30% discount code from beautiful Bailey Schneider yay!), and oh my goodness I am soooooo happy with it. I ordered a shade too dark for winter so I am mixing it with my foundation I had in a shade too light, and voila! The perfect coverage and shade. I LOVE how long this foundation lasts – still going strong by the end of the day. Such a win for crazy busy days… and those bad skin days too!
2. Stila’s One Step Illuminating Primer:
Woolies was out of stock of this for the longes time and I was soooo happy when I went past two weeks ago and they had it back again. I love the very slight shimmer it has, allowing real illumination of your skin, and also helps make up stay.


The lovely ladies at Optiphi sent me a few products to try after I burnt my face with hot oil from a pan a few months back, and this Hydra-derm HA Masque has become a firm favorite in my beauty regime. I have tried to minimise use of it for the past 30 days to give an accurate review of the Avon Anew Reversalist, and boy have I missed it. It is nourishing on another level. The perfect treat for dry, ageing skin, and I am so happy I have it going into the dry Winter days. I love using it as an overnight mask.


I am SUCH a perfume person. If I leave home without perfume I literally feel naked.
Since Stuttafords closed down I have been unable to find my most favourite scent of all time: Florabotanica by Balenciaga. It was the one fragrance that I have fallen head over heels in love with, and felt like it was literally crafted for me. Since then I have tried various other perfumes, and I like so many, but none as much as my beautiful one-of-a-kind Florabotanica whom I miss so dearly!
I stumbled across this oldie but a goooooodie not too long ago, and gosh I am loving it again. DKNY’s original fragrance. Apparently inspired by the energy of New York, “this signature urban scent combines a bold blood orange with refreshing chilled vodka and is infused with notes of tomato leaf, for a cut grass Central Park effect.”
It is bold, and it is fresh, and I love it! Available at Woolworths.


I was struggling with the condition of my hair and my stylist said I should give this conditioner a try and I am glad I did. Mycro Keratin Moisture Repair was only R295, which is pretty good when it comes to salon-sold product, and I really enjoyed it. It is on its last legs now and time for another purchase and pretty sure I will repurchase the same. It leaves my hair feeling thick and healthy, restored and protected. The only thing I would caution against is that it can take some volume out of your hair because it is a little heavier than others, which isn’t bad for me because I have so much hair, but if you crave volume I wouldn’t recommend it. Available at Gerald Wells.

Last but not least:


My go-to lip colour and treatment by day is this little Summer Melon LipIce. I am never without something on my lips (again, I get that naked feeling), but I can’t constantly reapply lipgloss all day in-between kissing kiddies a hundred times and all my cups of coffee :).
This LipIce has been my saviour for at least the past 6 months, and I have gone through too many to count. I currently have 3 in my handbag, one in my make up drawer, one in the downstairs key/sunglasses drawer by the front door and one in my car.
The slightly pink/peach/coral colour is the perfect tint for day wear, and I find it lasts so well, and moisturises perfectly.
My fave.
Available at Dischem.

What did you think of this list of my fave products at the moment?
Let me know! ||

Love Shan
Disclosure: This post is written by me and is my honest opinion. I was sponsored the Avon Anew Reversalist Night treatment in return for my honest review. I was also given the Optiphi HA Masque. All other products I bought.

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  1. Some gorgeous products Shanny – and so proud of you for trying them all out! You have me hooked on the orange Lip Ice and the DKNY (Marc bought me a bottle in Dubai) x

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