Jordy’s LEGO Party

When I asked Jordy what theme he wanted for his birthday he responded – “I want what Jackson is having for his party”… He has serious heart eyes for his big brother, and wants everything he wants! But Jackson wanted a small Pirate Party with his besties, complete with a treasure hunt. Jordy though, as much as he idolises his big bro-bestie, is very different to him. Jordan Rock will be the first to tell you that “I am friends with everyone, and everyone is friends with me” 😉 … and so I felt that his party should reflect him and his personality – loud and proud with bright colours for his bright personality, and all his favourite people too. The boys love lego, so when I mentioned it as an option he jumped at it.

The party was a literal dream-come-true for ME 🙂 because if you have followed me for any length of time you will know that I LOVE celebrations, and it has always been a dream of mine to be able to celebrate occasions in our own home, but we have just never had the space to do it. Finally after completing the build of our home this year I was finally able to throw the party in our house and garden… and it was a magical feeling seeing it all come together.

It has to be said that I have the best friends. I was nowhere near ready for the party in the week leading up to it and 3 of my friends arrived at my house to help. I’ll be putting another post together on how I created the Lego party!

The day was captured by Warren Pedlar who has photographed most of the boys’ parties. I find I spend so much of the day making sure everything and everyone is okay that receiving a view of the party after the event, the little moments that I missed, and all the little friends is such a gift!

The cake was made by the incredibly talented Toni Seery from _tandcake_ and looking at this pictures after the party my hubby and I took a moment to really soak in the detail and magic of that crazy-beautiful cake she made for our boy:

All those lego blocks you see – SHE MADE THEM! Yes she is INCREDIBLE and she is my incredible, gorgeous and insanely talented special friend!! #claimingit

Okay so the party was an absolute blast as you can see from the pics below, the kids (and especially the birthday boy) had an incredible time! We were incredibly blessed with the weather as we woke up to pouring rain and cold temps, and then an hour before the party it cleared up beautifully, and as the party started the sun shone through for our sunshine boy!

We had a slip n slide for those brave enough to get wet in the mizzy weather, a jumping castle, lego building station and babies’ inflatable which would have been filled with water if it had been a warmer day!

Food & Snacks:
More detail on where I got food, snacks and party elements on post to come


Our boy had such a fun day with his special friends and family:

It was a beautiful day celebrating our most precious FOUR year old <3


Images: Warren Pedlar Photography
Cake: TandCake Toni Seery
Kids party tables: FUNSA
Jumping Castle & Slip n Slide: Kings Castles
Party supplies: Parties4Africa
Stickers and T-shirt printing: Live Print


Dolphin Coast, South Africa

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