Let’s Camp Out!

I hate keeping secrets, especially from my boys, and most especially when it is something fun or exciting for them, because I often feel that the build up and excitement leading up to the special event or gift or party (or whatever it might be), is almost better than the thing that was waited for!
BUT… not in this case!! I am SO glad I kept this secret from them.

My boys love playing together. It has been one of my greatest blessings with having Brooklyn because I am comforted by the fact that they have each other. They are constantly building forts and hideaways. Once they are built they spend hours in them, reading, telling each other stories, or just chilling out! That’s why I was SO excited when the special husband and wife team at Totem Teepee reached out to me for us to become enthusiasts for their awesome brand.

We are in the process of building our new home and upon a recent walk-thru I was a little taken aback at the size of the boys bedroom, as it was smaller than I had imagined it to be. Once the initial shock wore off (#dramaqueen) and I was able to think clearly, I realized it wasn’t a huge problem with regards to space because the house will have a playroom where all the toys will be stored, and all that was needed in their joint room* was their clothing, beds and side tables. I immediately thought of the idea (most likely pre-seen on Pinterest and etched into my mind) of having teepees over their single bed-mattresses on the floor – that way the beds wouldn’t take up too much space with the frame etc. creating the appearance of more space.

Totem Teepees sent us two gorgeous white calico teepees, and I literally could not get them up fast enough! Saturday morning we were up and about first thing, and after I got the bed frames into the garage I popped the teepees up over the beds, did a bit of bedroom shuffling, and voila! My dream had become a reality – 6 months sooner than I had imagined or hoped (as it is still 6 months until our build is complete!) Happiness!!

I called the boys into the room to see, and their reactions were priceless. Their little faces lit up, and they stayed that way all weekend! Now they can camp out every night 🙂

I still need to apply the vinyls to the wall (batman faces) and sort a few more details, but YAY for the room feeling like it’s had a whole revamp, when in fact all we did was add the teepees and a small reshuffle!


Here are some pics, and I also tried to screenshot some cute moments from the video of the reveal but the video really shows their excitement, and that is on my Instagram feed xx

*The boys love sharing a room – they have done so ever since Jordy was 2 years old even though we have a spare room. It’s the best hearing them giggling and telling each other stories just before they pass out 🙂


Author: Shan Fourie

Mom to three, Shan is a busy entrepreneur living in the seaside town of Ballito. Shan has a loyal following who love her for her raw honesty in her life journey. Shan loves to share her life with her followers, and has a keen interest in anything fashion, beauty, hair and motherhood related. Her and her husband also love to travel and review both holiday destinations and spa retreats.

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