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It was about one month ago now that I received the new Marc Anthony Grow Long products, including the Shampoo, Conditioner, Volumizing Texture Spray, Miracle Repair Anti-Frizz Spray and the Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Upon first sight I was in love with the bright and fun PINK packaging, but if there is one thing us ladies have come to know very well, its less about what it looks like, and more about how it leaves your hair looking… so how did it measure up?


Let’s start (at the beginning) with the Shampoo and Conditioner:

Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine & Ginseng Shampoo & Conditioner:
It has to be said that these are a definite new favourite in my hair care routine. The products contain Caffeine & Ginseng, as you can see on the front of the (gorgeous) packaging, and as if that is not enough, they also contain Vitamin E. All these products help promote hair growth, a healthy shine, repair dry brittle hair and keep your hair long because it is strong πŸ™‚
I have got to say that my hair feels soft and sleek, looks shiny and happy, and smells beautiful – is there anything better than gorgeous smelling tresses?? Nope! The shampoo is a light blue fluid that is in my mind the perfect shampoo consistency – not too runny that falls through your fingers before you get it on your head, not too thick that it doesn’t feel like it cleans – just perfect! And I love how it foams up too.
The conditioner is the perfect cream consistency too, and feels super nourishing. It doesn’t even have to stay on too long before you can feel it detangling your tresses, and ready to rinse.
I have many friends who never put conditioner on their scalps, I don’t normally “lather” my scalp, but if I have recently had my colour done I like to nourish my scalp a little bit with conditioner for a brief few moments, and then rinse thoroughly.
Oh! Did I mention that I always shampoo at least twice? 

The tubes have easy enough to open lids – nothing worse for me than struggling to open the lids of products in the shower! I also love the sleek tubes – they fit nicely on my small shower shelf. A big thumbs up from me!
These products are on the pricey side when it comes to drug-store products at around R140 each and available from Clicks.


Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine & Ginseng Volumizing Texture Spray:

I am so cautious of products that claim to give you ‘natural waves’ or allow you to style without the use of much heat… But this product is SUCH a WINNER for me! With my hair being long & blonde the less heat and styling I can use the better for the condition, and this really does allow me to create “sexy tousled hair with volume and shine”.
I simply washed with the Shampoo & Conditioner, and sprayed this onto my damp hair, scrunching up until it looked like something more than bed head πŸ™‚ and voila – I was super happy with this relaxed look:

Also not cheap at R170 from Clicks, but this should last you a good, long while! And after all the texture products I have tried I think this is a goodie!


Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine & Ginseng Volumizing Dry Shampoo:

I was so excited to receive this Dry Shampoo and had very high hopes that it would be wonderful, but sadly and truthfully this left me unsatisfied. I just can’t get past the idea that a foam will ever dry out enough to leave your hair looking ‘cleaner’ than it was prior, and on my hair it just didn’t do the trick… very sadly. If you have this and love it please do let me know!


Marc Anthony Grow Long Caffeine & Ginseng Anti-Frizz Spray:
Probably my favourite of all the products! This product is beautiful! I spray the lightweight product onto my wet/damp hair from the midsections down, and it seals the strands as well as reduces frizz just as it claims to! It also seems to help my hair dry faster, aiding it minimising drying time and heat – yay!
It is also a fab product to use the next day to help your hair look glossy – I spray some onto my palms and smooth out my hair from mid-section down. It is smells diiiiivine too!
I also do not need to iron after using this baby – so if that doesn’t help with keeping heat off your hair and thus helping it “Grow Long”, then what does?! πŸ™‚

Final verdict on the Grow Long range: YES YES YES!

Let me know if you try it for yourself!

Author: Shan Fourie

Mom to three, Shan is a busy entrepreneur living in the seaside town of Ballito. Shan has a loyal following who love her for her raw honesty in her life journey. Shan loves to share her life with her followers, and has a keen interest in anything fashion, beauty, hair and motherhood related. Her and her husband also love to travel and review both holiday destinations and spa retreats.

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  1. I’ve seen these on the shelves! Will have to give these a try now !! 😘

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