Mokaikai Girls Trip

Early March I joined a group of girls to the bush for a 3 night stay in Bela Bela.
After the speed in which Jan & Feb passed us, as well as coming out of the second wave of Covid in SA, it was such a welcome vacay!

I didn’t know many of the girls at all, and only actually knew 3 in total. One being my best friend, Leigh, and the other two good friends of hers whom I had spent some time with on visits to JHB.

The place we stayed at offered servicing of the rooms and main area, as well as two bush drives a day (although us lazy moms only really went on one per day).

The venue is sadly not open to the public, but here are some pics of the fun we had.

Leigh, Jade and I travelled through from JHB together and en route, just before arriving at the reserve we pulled over for ice. We had no idea the fun that was to be had inside the infamous “JakkalsGat” 🙂

There were more animals than people inside the pub, but it was brimful of heritage, history and culture. The owner was such a lovely guy, and two coronas later, we had settled nicely into BelaBela. Did I mention there was a piglet who’s party trick was eating a sucker and spitting out the paper and stick? YUP!

Our next adventure was 3 full nights in the beautiful, private lodge, Mokaikai.

The 3 nights and 4(ish) days consisted of game drives, chilling, sunset drinks, mimosa for brekki, dancing at night and just a whole lot of laughs and fun!

We agreed to each do a meal, which worked out really well. The food was all outstanding!

Such a pity this little gem is not open to the public! Thankfully SA has so many beautiful lodges and reserves to visit!

My wardrobe in above pics:
Jeans: ZARA
Black chill pants: ZARA
Tops: ZARA
Costume: Granadilla

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