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Having kids is a challenge that no one can ever be fully prepared for. Having three kids, well, let’s just say it is “full-on”. Thankfully, though, along the way I have built a little bank of MOM HACKS that help me through most days, and I thought I would start with my number 1 Mom Hack: Wet wipes errrrrwhere! 

Starting with the obvious; in B’s compactum. My baby girl is far more sensitive than either of my boys were. I use pampers premium nappies and the minute I change to even Pampers regular she gets an awful rash, and so my decision to use Johnson’s baby wipes is because I trust that they are as mild as water (made up of 97% pure water), on my little girl’s most sensitive area. The Extra Sensitive are used for nappy changes, and the Gentle All Over Baby Wipes are for dirty feet and face, especially just before going down for a nap.  I love Johnson’s Baby Wipes because they’re so gentle and moisturising making them perfect for all over face & body cleaning.


Kitchen: The Everything Drawer
We have this drawer in our kitchen called “The Everything Drawer”. It is easily accessible, is where we pop keys and sunnies when we come home, and odds and ends that either have no real place of their own, or prove useful in and around the kitchen, (like a tiny star screwdriver for all those boy-toys that need batteries, and a spare phone charger!)
I keep a pack of Johnson’s Gentle All Over Baby Wipes in this drawer for those sneeze-come-snot explosions which happen from time to time (just had one this morning with a string of green hanging from B’s little nose !!) Our house is a double story so it makes running into the upstairs nursery a little tough when we need a wipe, and so keeping these in an accessible place help us on so many occasions. Particularly messy dinners (like spagbol) require a little heavy duty cleaning, and our dining room is off the kitchen so this little spot for these lifesaver wipes is so helpful. Brooklyn also refuses to let anyone feed her… that includes rice, pasta, Avo and more messy meals! You can only imagine!! These are perfect for her little paws after meal time, as well as wiping down her high chair. What might take multiple pieces of Carlton roll to adequately wipe clean a sticky face, hands and high chair, in most cases take ONE single Johnson’s wipe. They are tough enough to do the job, yet so gentle on the skin.


My kids spend a lot of time in their playroom. They not only play, dance, paint and sing in here, but its also where they eat their after-school lunch and snacks. Whether it be for snotty noses, paint-covered fingers (and everything else), or sticky-fruit hands, the playroom is where the wipes seem to be used the fastest. I am at peace knowing that they are being used where needed and not just being pulled out a bundle at a time, because Johnson’s wipes packaging have new improved dispensing, ensuring 1 wipe at a time is used.

Other places: 
Other places I keep wipes include in my bathroom vanity for those messy moments, like when your toddler all of a sudden pours your moisturiser (or worse your self-tan) out on to the floor!), and messy make-up moments, too!
My handbag, for on-the-run runny noses and sticky hands, especially handy in restaurants.
And obviously the nappy bag. Now that B is older (and the third child) I hardly ever take the big nappy bag with me. Mostly I have a larger handbag packed with nappies, wipes and her water bottle. We mostly use the nappy bag for travel, and then having wipes is a no-brainer. How do you cope with a long car trip with three kids? Lots of snacks. Lots of snacks means lots of mess & sticky fingers; insert Johnson’s Gentle All Over Baby Wipes here.

It is very important to note that these wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. Wipes should always be thrown into the dustbin. Johnson’s Baby Wipes do not contain alcohol which would normally hamper the break-down process of wipes in a landfill, and being 97% pure water, they are more easily broken down.


Full disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Johnsons and Johnsons. The thoughts and opinions shared above are 100% my own, and are in no way influenced by the brand. 

Author: Shan Fourie

Mom to three, Shan is a busy entrepreneur living in the seaside town of Ballito. Shan has a loyal following who love her for her raw honesty in her life journey. Shan loves to share her life with her followers, and has a keen interest in anything fashion, beauty, hair and motherhood related. Her and her husband also love to travel and review both holiday destinations and spa retreats.

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