No.1 on my list of #NYresolutions

Be Better.

Going into 2017 I didn’t have any New Years resolutions. I knew the year ahead would have challenges as we grew our family from 4 to 5.

I knew we would have days, weeks and maybe even months of hard. At that time I didn’t feel I had capacity to put more on myself as a person.

I felt if I set up New Years resolutions I was setting myself up for failure.

I hate failure.

So I just didn’t.

This year is different.

We’ve made it through the year.

We had the hard.

We had the tough days/weeks/months.

And we survived.

We survived with smiles 💛 and with more capacity.

Now, going into 2018, my resolutions are creeping into my heart. All with one common theme: to be better.

My first resolution is to be a better MOM. I believe I’m a good mom; I understand my babies deeply. I know their tones of voice for each of their moods or needs. I understand their love languages, and I feel I share a special and deep bond with each of them, each unique and beautiful in their own right.

But… BUT… there are a lot of ways I can improve, and I dont want to settle for being a good mom… I want to be a GREAT mom!

A major downfall of mine, and something I want to work on going into 2018; I’m not great at “doing stuff”, especially stuff I don’t particularly like doing… like running around the garden, climbing to the top of the jungle gym… or SWIMMING! I don’t particularly LIKE swimming. I just don’t like being wet 🙃 #patheticmuch

BUT… #somanybuts

I’m raising children, two of whom are boys! My boys want and need me to do stuff with them. I need to be better at doing STUFF they love- not just the art, puzzles, reading etc, but the physical stuff 👊🏼 that’s where the real memories are made, right?!

When I push myself out of my comfortable space and pre-set mould, and go into a place of “uncomfortable”, then I’m better able to humble myself to hopefully be more of what they need me to be.

So that’s my first resolution guys, to push myself to do more stuff that isn’t in my character to do…

Hopefully by this time next year we’ll be competing to see who does the biggest dive-bomb splash into our pool 💦🤗

Have you started your New Years resolution lists? How do you feel about “resolutions”? X

Author: Shan Fourie

Mom to three, Shan is a busy entrepreneur living in the seaside town of Ballito. Shan has a loyal following who love her for her raw honesty in her life journey. Shan loves to share her life with her followers, and has a keen interest in anything fashion, beauty, hair and motherhood related. Her and her husband also love to travel and review both holiday destinations and spa retreats.

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