Our weekend in pix

In the hopes of trying to be a bit better at regular posting {now that my life is starting to become more manageable again!!} I thought I would share our weekend in pix 🙂


Jordy, still in his PJs, came in with flowers for me – no idea who’s garden he took these from 😀 :

Justin & I ran to MICA to get a few things for the house and tried this little barista, hiding inside MICA – such a vibey, happy lady named Bule – WOW! One of the best Flat Whites in Ballito:

Got home to find that Jordy gave himself  blue “tattoos” ALL OVER his body:

We went for a beautiful sunset walk around the estate:

Finally got my prints up! I bought these beauties on Etsy, and had them printed at a local print store in Ballito. I bought the incredibly large frames from Mr P Home. I am in love. They make me so happy! IMG_3770


Received a parcel from one of my current fave brands and was excited that I wore it immediately – Santa Fe Collective

Went to Brooklyn’s little friend Will’s first birthday party: 

Special friends came over Sat evening with delicious Gin and we did “build-a-burger” night. The kids had evening dips and I am still pinching myself that this is our home. 


We had other special friends over on Sunday morning for croissants and cakes (which they spoilt us with). Always so special to spend time with our special friends, and now so grateful that we finally have an “entertainer’s home”, where we hope to enjoy many meals with many people.

We shared a very special moment together as these amazing friends prayed over us and our home.  Pics by Caley from Ellie Love Blog

The boys went out for the afternoon and Brooklyn slept longer than normal, which gave me some #netflixandchilllllll time to lounge in the bed-weather and watch some series! She woke up in the happiest mood and we had some awesome bonding time. She is so much more ‘chill’ than either of my boys ever were…

toddlers… #nuffsaid

In summary, it was an awesome weekend – our first proper weekend in our home – and one that even while it was busy, it filled us up and energised us for the week ahead.

Pic by Caley from Ellie Love Blog

How was your weekend?


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