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All furniture and selected decor items were provided by Hired&Co. From start to finish Lisa was a pleasure to work with. I sent her my mood board for the party and she came back with a presentation of furniture she had in stock, and how she suggested we set it up. This was such a huge help to me because I felt a little overwhelmed with all the planning and one element stressing me the most was how the party should be laid out. I had a vague idea of what I wanted, and Lisa really helped to put that into motion. Her furniture was all delivered ahead of the party with enough time to set up, however we had some bad weather just before the party and so only had the day of the party to set up, thankfully there wasn’t all too much to do apart from moving things into place. I know that if I was hosting a big, important event or wedding I would choose Lisa in a heart-beat because she has such attention to detail and offers a brilliant service. If there were any hiccups along the way Lisa went above and beyond to rectify and she proved herself to be a huge asset to the Durban events industry.

Main Table & Backboards

Hired&Co supplied the wooden backboards which formed a perfect backdrop against which to place Frida. I brought some added colour to the backboards by adding some foam flowers I bought at China City. Hired&Co also supplied the perfect main table as seen in the pics above.

The Bar Area:

The bar and bar stools were also supplied by Hired&Co and they were a wonderful addition to the party. Not only did they create an adult-only space for alcoholic beverages and glasses that were out of reach of little hands, but it also looked so great

The Adult Seating Area:

Additions for the Food Table:

Hired&Co also provided large wooden boards and crates which were such a huge help in setting out the main food table for all the food and for creating height on the table with the crates. They also provided lovely vases for the flowers and decor that added the perfect pop of colour amidst all the wood.

Kid’s Seating and Food Area:

I loved the idea of low tables for the kids and Hired&Co had the perfect crates, cushions and blankets to bring the Fiesta feeling to the kid’s area. It literally couldn’t have worked any better!

These large crates proved so useful for housing the party packs, bubble machine and popcorn machines. They would suit so many different themes.





Lisa even sent Brooklyn a bouquet of birthday flowers – which worked beautifully with her theme and came so in handy on the day. Brooklyn was overjoyed! Thank you so much, Lisa and Hired&Co for making Brooklyn’s party the beautiful event that it was

All our love x

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