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The only pregnancy we did a shoot for was our precious little piggy in the middle – my Jordan Rock! Looking back at these pics makes me so wish we had done one every time. The shoot was a special gift from Adrian Shields before him and his special wifey left for the Cape.

And what a gift this was šŸ˜


A couple tips when planning a pregnancy/family shoot:
– Pin as much inspo of pics and styles you love, getting an idea of the pics you want out of the shoot
– Choose a photographer who’s style matches the type of pics you want
– Decide on a couple outfits beforehand, if that is what you would like from the shoot – it’s always nice to have a variety (I think!)
– Chat to your children/children before the shoot, getting them excited and preparing them to smile in lots of pics. They are likely to get totally over it/bored and antsy, so pack some snacks and some treats (bribery works!)
– On shoot day just let go and enjoy. You have decided to do this, so don’t bring negativity or bad vibes into the day by beingĀ self-consciousness. Happy girls are the prettiest!
– Have fun with your family, and allow the photographer to capture the real moments that happen. Those are the special images – the ones that make your heart glow.


Can’t believe how tiny Jackson actually was when he became a big brother… and the cuteness is almost unbearable!





Wow I actually see a lot of Brooklyn in these pics – she really is Jackson’s twin!















Thank you again, Adrian and Jaimi, for this incredible gift of lifelong memories, and helping me remember their was beauty in my pregnancies, even though they were hard.


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  1. Gorgeous photos and special memories – and the cutest little tot that came out of that bump! x

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