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Last Saturday, 7 September 2019, I flew to Johannesburg with butterflies in my belly in anticipation for the Luxuria South Africa Spring in the City event in collaboration with BMW Bavaria and 30 other luxury brands.

Upon arrival at the BMW Bavaria dealership the atmosphere was electric and exciting. Like orderly worker-bees driven by a common purpose, the Luxuria Lifestyle team, as well as multiple brands who partnered on the event, were focused and swift in tranforming a stunning car showroom into what would become the ultimate luxury event!

BMW i8 electric

I am a real BMW fan, so I was absolutley in my element watching these beautiful beasts gliding around the showroom in an attempt to make the best entrance possible for the expected guests. It was a treat seeing the new BMW i8 in action; I intentionally say ‘seeing’ and not hearing because this baby is electric and so very, veryyyy quiet. I feel the lightweight carbon-fibre gull wing doors make her look like she is a bird in flight. She is a real beauty! Maybe one day when I am big… 😉

Above images by Clint Austin Photography

6pm brought our first guests through the doors and a night of glitz and glamour was upon us all. With 430 guests and 30 luxury showcases, Luxuria’s partner brands and guests enjoyed a superb evening of luxury, networking, forming new business alliances, creating new sales and marketing opportunities for both guests and brands. Also on the night, South Africa’s only commercial classic radio station, Classic FM broadcast live from the event and guests were served with the finest food and beverages.

Some of the glam guests

Above images by Clint Austin Photography


The #SpringInTheCity guests were also treated to an eco-terra fashion showcase by South African born Yihan Brönn, a modern-classic, stylish but edgy, couture designer, that has a heartfelt passion for taking people out of the mundane. On top of Yihan Brönn’s Casual collection (which you can shop here:  www.shop.yihanbronn.co.za) the guests were shown 3 other stunning designers’ collections:

Above images by Clint Austin Photography


South African singer-songwriter and Winner of Season 13 Idols South Africa, Paxton Fielies, and Josh Ansley star of upcoming Rock of Ages theatre production entertained us all, while we also enjoyed a taste of luxury bubbly, cognac and delicious gourmet food – all in the name of leisure.

Some of the luxury brands included BABOR, Krone MCC, Deetlefs Wine Estate, JBL South Africa, Honor Cognac, Coach and many more!

Above images by Clint Austin Photography & Shan Fourie

“We are excited to have hosted our first major showcase with BMW and the extent of support from our guests was immaculate. South Africa has long followed global trends of marketing, especially in the Luxe sector. We want to redefine luxury in the African context with a strong emphasis on authenticity. This means combining local niche brands and international mega brands. It is a creative space of collaboration and inspiration. With all our events we aim to create an immersive experience; a breeding ground for business connections; and a targeted, elevated brand awareness for our valued partners.”

Nicole Capper, CEO Luxuria Lifestyle SA
Image by Clint Austin Photography

Luxuria Lifestyle

Luxuria Lifestyle is one of the world’s leading digital magazine groups, with offices strategically positioned in 10 countries around the world. The magazine provides an all-encompassing guide to the affluent lifestyle, including informative and interesting articles on the world’s most luxurious products and services, together with industry news, reviews, features and exclusive business to consumer events for connoisseurs of luxury, corporate businesses and wealthy consumers from around the globe.

Pictured above: Zari Hassan & Nicole Capper | Image by Clint Austin Photography

“There is no time to rest in order to put our best foot forward for the growing market of luxury in South Africa. We are bringing luxury to the forefront and making it relatable. We are already in full swing for our next event, it’s about setting the bar higher every time and showcasing luxury experiences across the country. Our current reputation with our existing brands has exceeded all expectations, which leaves massive opportunity for more brands to give us all they’ve got. This event really set the tone for what we’re about to do in this industry. A huge success.”

Kyle Clark, Managing Director at Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa
Kyle Clark, Managing Director at Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

All in all it was a spectactular evening, and we cannot wait for the next one!
If you would like to see your brand partnered with us please do get in touch.

MORE About Luxuria Lifestyle

Luxuria Lifestyle is one of the world’s leading luxury lifestyle E-magazine and B2C event groups, with offices in 10 countries and a team of nearly 100 staff, professional lifestyle writers, event organisers and influencer brand ambassadors.

Number one on Google, Luxuria Lifestyle SA reviews, reports, advertises and promotes the world of luxury and creates amazing luxury lifestyle B2C sales and promotional events for and with many international leading luxury brands.

For more information, visit ​luxurialifestylesouthafrica.com or follow @luxuriaza on social media or contact me to partner your luxury brand with ours.

Some of my favs from the event:


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Brand partners:

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