Our Home: Entertainment Area

One of the requests I get most frequently is for a tour around our home, so finally here it is. Starting with our downstairs living area. We sorted our home out for AirBnb so I took the opportunity to snap some pics while it was at it’s least cluttered 😉

Welcome to our home…

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Our House Build | Coastal Timber

In concept stage of our house we had lots of ideas. There were loads of ideas of things we loved and hoped to try incorporate. I think I had hundreds of boards and pins on my Pinterest account, all individually dedicated to each space in the house. I had an idea of how I wanted to bring wood into the home to bring a more natural feel into the ‘chic’ decor style I was after. Black, white and gold can be a slightly harsh base from which to build your mood board, but by incorporating some natural elements like leather and wood can transform it into a chic yet warm and inviting living space.
It was all fairly simple to pin together mood boards of our dream of what the space should look like, but when these hopes & dreams were followed up with quotes and costings we just about cried ourselves to sleep at night… okay maybe that was just me…!

It wasn’t until we partnered with Coastal Timber that everything started to feel like our dream home may actually become a reality! Not only did they offer the best pricing in KZN, but their service was better than almost everyone we engaged with during the build process. Nothing was too great an ask for Warren and the Coastal Timber team. Whether it was requesting quotes for jobs we probably wouldn’t afford or urgently requiring more wood for an adhoc request, or even being a little too fussy saying the wood was too red (!!). Despite our somewhat painful requests we were never met with anything but the kindest responses and an above-and-beyond service level.

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