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The day before schools went back a couple friends and I decided last minute to take our littles for a fun outing. We threw around a few ideas and then settled on the new “My Little Picasso” we had heard a few moms raving about at Cornubia Mall. We headed to the new-ish mall (it opened doors 28 September 2017), five kiddies to three mamas (I left Miss B home to nap). 
From the moment of our arrival to the moment we left we were impressed and wow’d by the very clever little kid-focused art studio. Naledi, a gorgeous woman with a bubbly personality and most perfect and glowy skin (yes I am envious!), welcomed us in and informed us of pricing. The kids ran excitedly over to little stools lined up in front of a row of easels. The range of medium to large and thick or thin-width canvases were at various prices, and while I thought my boys would both immediately choose the biggest XL one, Jackson went for a large, and Jordy surprised me with opting for a medium sized canvas. I couldn’t even coax him into choosing the L 🙂
Naledi led them to choose an apron and then sat them down at their stations. They went one-by-one to the paint station to select their colours for their masterpiece-in-waiting.

Naledi was nothing but patient and kind, as it took Jackson a good long time to commit to only 10 colours 🙂 and she graciously guided Jordy away from only selecting brown, green and black, while all the while making them think they were steering their own ship!

It was wonderful to watch my babes let their creative juices flow onto the crisp white canvas. I tried verrrrrryyyyy hard to limit my interference 😉 but once again, Naledi was amazing at helping the kids see the potential of a beautiful big tree in what looked to me like a poo-green mess 😉 #IKnowHeIsOnlyThreeOkayyyyy

Naledi took each canvas at different intervals and aired it dry with a hairdryer in order for the kids to build colours upon colours without mixing them too much (so clever!), and once they were each sure they had finished their pieces she helped them to add a little magic and sparkle with glitter.

The kids were so incredibly proud of their creations, but no one prouder than us Mommies! I am very keen to make this a tradition before starting school each term, it will be wonderful to have 4 for the year, and see how their skills improve throughout the year. Plus I need their help decorating the new playroom 🙂 #childlabour

Thought: My Little Picasso would also work wonderfully as a party location!

Seriously though, it was such a wonderful outing for the kiddies, they loved every moment and being able to express themselves with no limits was awesome! It is a brilliant concepts which allows kids to develop their creativity, imagination and expression through visual arts.

And my heart was made so happy watching them too!


They were able to take their artwork as well as their little aprons home with them, which for me helps to encourage mama’s to let kiddies paint more at home! Overall a truly wonderful outing with the kiddies, and one that I can’t wait to do again with them!

WIN this experience for your little and their bestie in 3 easy steps: 

1. Comment on this post about why your budding artist would like to visit My Little Picasso
2. Like the My Little Picasso page
3. Like & share the blog post on my Facebook page

Terms & Conditions: 
1. You need to reside in KZN as this is where My Little Picasso is located.
2. The prize is for two children for one canvas painting experience each
3. For your entry it is mandatory for you to comment on this blog post and share the post on Facebook, all of the other ways are optional but sharing is caring so please go ahead and tag friends on Instagram and retweet the Tweet.
4. Givaway ends at 00:00 on 28 February 2018
5. The winner will be announced on 2 March 2018 and has until 1 June 2018 to redeem the prize.
6. Spammers will be disqualified


Additional info: 
The My Little Picasso studio has also got a soft play area for babes to play, which would have been very handy if I had brought Miss B along

They also have Sand Art, Play dough and creative play tables for an extra charge

A glimpse into the vast difference in character between these two :))))))

Contact My Little Picasso:

LOCATION L05 Cornubia Mall
TELEPHONE 083 654 3900

Author: Shan Fourie

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9 thoughts on “WIN | My Little Picasso Experience”

  1. This is such a cool experience for kids. I wish there was a place like this near me. I know my kids would love going here. Their artwork came out great!

  2. With moms doing paint night, my kids always ask why can’t they come and join in… what better why than to take them to their own painting outing! 🙂

  3. This looks like so much fun! Art is a wonderful medium to teach kids creativity, communication & communication.

  4. My little girl would love this! she has tons of energy and loves to colour- and paint, but doesn’t do much of it at home, so this is perfect!!! Would love to take her and her besties there:-)

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