How I created a LEGO party

sharing how we threw a lego party in the hope that it might help someone keen to do the same

If you saw anything about Jordy’s 4th birthday party, you’ll know that we celebrated our colorful boy with a colorful LEGO party hosted in our home. You can see a bit of the fun here.

Here are a few things we did to create the fun and bright LEGO party, which I thought were worth sharing in case your little one wants the same:
LEGO wall:
The main feature of the party was the LEGO wall. It has to be said that I could not have done this without my very talented and creative bestie, Angie. She was incredible. The LEGO wall formed the backdrop to the main cake table and worked so well to bring the theme into the party.

We measured the wall space we wanted covered by the ‘LEGO wall’, and then laid out the plastic table cloths on the floor to try build the Tetris-style puzzle of blocks in the best formation. Cut them to shape and started sticking onto the wall. I found that glue dots were the best way to ensure they stayed up.

We folded the plates inside out so they looked like little buttons. I crisscrossed sticky tape along the inside of the plates and stuck them onto the plastic ‘blocks’, but this wasn’t the ideal solution because the tape didn’t stick too well to the plastic sheets. I feel like it might have been better to have stuck a paper strip inside the back so it was taught, secured it with glue dots and then used duct tape to secure those to the plastic. It really bugged me that they started falling down and sagging during the party!!
I ordered the {matching} red, yellow and green table cloths and plates from parties4africa.

Marshmallow LEGO heads and juice box blocks:

My very good friend Leane is a master baker and she offered to help me make the mellow LEGO heads… or did I force her?! The details are not important 😝😆😜

Lea attempted some with white choc and food colouring, but they seemed to work better with icing sugar. Halved mini marshies made the small cap on the heads. Cake pop sticks held them up and black icing for their faces. They were so cute!

I bought small juice boxes from PnP hyper and wrapped them in colored paper. I found these cute round magnets at hyper too, and stuck them to the juice boxes making LEGO blocks.

Party Favours and cups:
I had stickers of LEGO faces printed at LivePRINT. I got larger stickers and applied them to yellow party boxes for the favours, and smaller ones for yellow paper cups, so they looked like LEGO heads.

Lego Heads – party favours
Lego heads – cups

Download lego head: Click on file and then download on link.


I designed little t-shirts for the birthday boy and his siblings. I found little white tops at PnP clothing and had them printed at LivePRINT in Ballito Junction. The quality was really good, they have been washed a few times and still look new.

I downloaded the Lego Blocks font from here:
You can download t-shirt designs here:


LEGO building station:
We couldn’t have a LEGO party without letting the kids build stuff!!
I hired kiddies tables, chairs and coloured table cloths from FUNSA, and lined them up to make one long table on the deck. I bought little plastic yellow helmets from parties4africa and printed little stickers off my computer printer on A4 sticker sheets saying “JORDY” in the classic LEGO font and colours. I used illustrator to make the stickers but I found the free font here:

I bought most of the snacks from the awesome range of finger foods and cheeses available at Checkers


You can download these cute lego head food toppers here:

Lego Cake:
The cake was made by _tandcake_ and was a masterpiece:

Kids snacks:
I got mostly cheese curls, fizzers, pretzels and NikNaks for the kids treats table… but was so excited when I found these LEGO sweets at Pick n Pay Hyper by The Sea. They were imported and not too cheap 😉 but I could not resist! They were delicious too, and gone in seconds of the party starting!

Other suppliers:
Photographer: Warren Pedlar Photography
Kings Castles: Jumping castle & Slip n Slide – 083 397 7668
FUN SA: Tea & Coffee station, Main table trestle and black table cloth
Other LEGO themed decor: Parties4Africa

Thank you again to my precious friends who helped me put this party together xxx

Durban, South Africa

Author: Shan Fourie

Mom to three, Shan is a busy entrepreneur living in the seaside town of Ballito. Shan has a loyal following who love her for her raw honesty in her life journey. Shan loves to share her life with her followers, and has a keen interest in anything fashion, beauty, hair and motherhood related. Her and her husband also love to travel and review both holiday destinations and spa retreats.

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