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I was introduced to a wonderful new party shop on the North Coast called Yolo Party Shop. I was already excited at the prospect of sharing about a new local business, and when Tash mentioned to me how incredibly excited they were to be collaborating, and how wonderfully passionate and willing they were to offer unique balloons I became even more excited. From there I was continually blown away, moment by moment!

Diren arrived at my house on Saturday morning, the morning of Jordy’s party, arms full of gorgeous balloons. Diren is the co-owner of Yolo Party Shop, along with his beautiful wife. Diren arrived full of enthusiasm and so excited to be part of the event. He proceeded to inform me of the fact that he had 9 other jobs that day AND he was flying to JHB. All of that and he went out of his way to deliver the balloons for the party! I was, and still am, absolutley blown away by the heart of service that this couple has for their business.

Yolo Party Shop supplied 55 red & orange balloons – one for each of the party packs. Sadly the wind did not play its part in this and the balloons could not be tied to the packs as they were getting incredibly tangled. They were (very loosly) secured to either side of the party packs and devastatingly flew away before the party started! I was sooooo sad, but the first thing I did was feel a sense of relief that they were biodegradable.

YOLO also supplied the most beautiful, personalised balloons for Jordy, and these are my new favourite balloons for special events:

On top of that, YOLO also supplied perfectly-to-theme foil balloons

Apart from the service being incredible, the balloons being biodegradable and the selection of products being superb… the couple behind YOLO are just some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and this business definitely gets my stamp of approval!

YOLO Party Shop also offers the following:

and their balloons are certified biodegradable:

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